Quality Questions for Costume Jewelry

How can you tell the quality of the jewelry you're buying?  Simple.  The items sold on this website are costume jewelry, also known as fashion jewelry. It is meant to complement your outfit and accessorize your appearance.

Costume jewelry is generally (but not always) of quite low monetary value. It's meant to give the average person the opportunity to wear inexpensive items that may imitate much more expensive pieces. That's the point. It's fun fashion...not haute couture!

The metal rings and anklets are made of a metal alloy which could contain copper, nickel or pewter. These are then coated (plated) with gold, rose gold or silver to provide a beautiful finish. 

If the metal used has a high percentage of silver, it will be described as Sterling Silver. Silver is too soft to make useful objects on it's own and must be mixed with another alloy to give it strength. However, sterling silver must contain a minimum of 92.5% silver (described as 925 sterling silver) to meet the standard. These pieces will be higher in cost than those simply plated with silver.

Gold too, is much too soft in its purest form to be used for jewelry. It is generally mixed with another metal and the level of gold is indicated by use of the word karats. 9K pieces would contain 37.5% pure gold. A piece described as 18K gold would contain 75% pure gold. Higher percentages are considered too soft for jewelry. 24K would be 99.9% pure gold.

We also feature a lot of jewelry described as Rose Gold. This is a mixture of a gold and copper alloy to give the gold it's rosy colour. If you bought an item that was described as 18K Rose Gold, it would be made up of 75% gold, 22.25% copper and 2.75% silver. Beautiful and worth every penny.